“The United States of TransCanada” 2013-Oklahoma

I can not explain in great detail how exactly I ended up in this “predicament” other than the fact that I was filming on earth day and arrested, but none the less I will make you all party to my “not the fun kind” day trip through the “United States of TransCanada”. We arrive at the Atoka County court house, this being the second time I’ve been back there since earth day, and the second time I have now seen a tablet of the ten commandments in a grassy area outside this court house. Things like this confuse me. You know as a child they cram this whole “separation of church and state” idea into your head and then right when you start to maybe think about believing it… BAM! There’s the ten fracking commandments outside of a building that is a house of the state, not even god. Even though I knew it was there, when I saw it my reaction was the same,”what in the hell was this doing here?”. The more I think about it though, “house of the state” is a much more fitting term than lame old “court house” could ever be. After all, the state must have a private house closed off from prying eyes and peeping rights defenders to be naughty and do its’ “dirty deeds” in like the rest of us right? I mean that only seems fair. Mind you as I am fully aware at this moment that the minions of the state may try and serve me a “SLAPP suit” at the “house of the state” today, here I am letting myself get distracted by the ten commandments… thanks a lot Moses.

After walking away from a major distraction, that if I did not know any better I’d say was put there for exactly that purpose, we proceed to head up the stairs and into the “house of the state”. When we walk in I get the same feeling I always do, ” how did I end up here?… Again?… And in a different state this time?” No matter how many miles I seem to put between myself and the “house of the state”, 100 centre street, in the Bloomberg occupied New York City, I am yet again in another “house of the state”, in a different state, in the same state of confusion.

We walk quietly down the hallway as to not disturb the state’s minions that may be lurking around the corner, my eyes fluttering from end to end trying to find that familiar face, that safe place in any “house of the state”, the only seemingly safe place anyways, our lawyer. To no avail we are not able to locate him and take a seat.

It is at that moment that I see a man in jeans and a t-shirt, wearing a “built” body, speaking to what seems to be a court clerk. Something strikes me as odd about this man. Throughout my many journeys of states, houses, and “houses of the state” , only few have struck me as odd and out of place, this man being one of those few. I start to get this feeling that this is the man the “United States Of TransCanada” has given the mission of “slapping” me to. I start to think, ” His hands look strong and if anyone is going to “SLAPP” me with anything I sure hope it’s not him”. It’s at that moment our own “lord and savior”, our lawyer, comes to our aid; and when I look back after a few moments had passed, the could be minion is gone.

Our lawyer begins to tell us of all the possibilities and maybes, but even so they make me feel better as something more definitive would have done. “You are going to go in there, he’ll tell y’all your next date is august 15th, and that will be it for now” says our lawyer. “Thank goodness” I thought, because this place, as these places usually do, was starting to give me the creeps.
One-Thirty reads my clock, time to get this over with. We head in with our lawyer, the head of the “house of the state” nowhere to be seen, when our lawyer looks at us and says, ” I’ll be right back”. I want to say something, anything to get him to stay, plea with him to stay at our side, but my lips won’t budge and it’s at this point I know some “house of the state” voodoo is in the works.

The next five seconds feel like an eternity, then I hear a door swing open and then shut. I was under the impression our savior was back, nope, wrong again Jak. I look up at the odd out of place man from the hallway and the only thoughts going through my mind are those that would be inappropriate to write here, but you all can imagine I’m sure. He reads out the names of my two companions, the whole time I’m thinking, ” don’t answer Jak, just shut your mouth Jak, just this one time Jak”, because for those of you who know me, my mouth has a mind of its’ own. It works though. My mouth shuts, but wait, what is my hand doing? He reads out my name and at the same time I guess my hand thought it would be a good idea to take the stack of paper he was handing me; but what did my hand have to lose it, wasn’t the one getting “slapped”, I was. One of my Companions asks, ” what’s this?”, and the minion quick to retort, ” you’ve been served” he says with a smile.

Now lets stop for a second, because I just have to point out how much I absolutely despise that damn term, ” you’ve been served”. Mostly because of that absolutely horrendous trying to be dance movie that came out I don’t even know how long ago. I do know it was too long ago for this term to still be in use, but now once again, here I am, hearing the term I hate the most in the place I most hate being. The minion then had the nerve to ask, “If you don’t mind me asking, what did y’all do to get in this situation?” Before my mouth had a chance to blurt out a toxic remark, my companion’s mind came to the rescue, ” with all do respect sir, being that you are the one serving us, I just don’t feel it smart to tell you anything.” And with that, the minion was on his way as quick as he appeared.

We go through what our lawyer had said we would, and we are on our way. Then came the sifting through the stack of “house of the state” nonsense the minion had “slapped” me with.
The first thing, a foreign corporation, TransCanada, has a restraining order on an individual, me, in a country other than their own, that states that I am not allowed on certain “American” soil. Now I do not believe in countries or borders, but while they do “exist” lets just entertain that thought for a second. Then comes the charge, a very interesting charge of trespassing where the “owner” of said “property” does not have to have a “no trespassing” sign posted. This particular trespassing charge can also only be charged against those who trespassed on property that has the primary purpose of, ” farming, ranching, or forestry”. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but the last time I checked TransCanada did not run an organic farm with free range tarsands and majestic pipelines galloping upon it. So I gather when the “house of the state” made this blind decision it must’ve been when they were being naughty and not paying much attention.

Now as far as this “SLAPP” I received goes, it did leave an interesting little Canada shaped red mark on my pocket constitution. In that red mark, it stated that “The United States Of TransCanada” was seeking a permanent injunction in which not only was I banned from certain “American” soil, but also that I was banned from advocating or speaking out against TransCanada and the Keystone XL pipeline. So lets go back to those little things we call the constitution, country borders, and rights violations. Now not only am I having my rights trampled upon by “my own country”, but you mean to tell me that on top of that a corporation from another country can come into “my country” and proceed to pull the same maniacal things in the same eery systematic way? I’ll tell ya , the things the American people will allow in their “land of the free home of the slave” simply blows my mind.

Until the Rev is over
Stay Strong,

❤ Jak