Monsanto: Poisoning our planet for over 100 years

“And the streams are so polluted/that the banks are blank and bare/and the baby’s all are born deformed/and the smoke is everywhere”-Desert Rat-Seattle Riots Teargas Song

Since its foundation in 1901 Monsanto has been poisoning the planet. A just a handful of highlights of their horrid history of destruction: during WWII Monsanto was involved with the development of the atomic bomb; producer of Agent Orange; in 1995, Monsanto ranked fifth among U.S. corporations in EPA’s Toxic Release having discharged 37 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the air, land, water and underground, in the 1970’s they began producing the herbicide RoundUp marketd as “safe, general purpose herbicide for widespread commercial and consumer use, key ingredient-glyphosate, is known for human toxicity” and to go along with it, most crops today are “RoundUp ready” GMOs to further the sales of the chemical;they have ruined indigenous cultures and livelihoods throughout the global south …the list of injustices they have caused humanity goes on and on and on…

The food system of the entire world is controlled by a corporation that is completely intertwined with the government. They are one in the same, protecting each others interests, and allowing atrocities to occur over and over and over again. The empire has poisoned all that is necessary for survival-the air, the water, and the food. Not only have they poisoned it, they will not allow the return to what is pure and nourishes the body and the soul.

It is naïve to think that they are not poisoning each and every being on this planet to aid in their effort to brainwash us and slowly kill us off as they continue to pull the wool over our eyes and cover their hands in blood. There is no way to escape the fate coming down at the hands of the monsters,like Monsanto. They have patented the extermination of people, animals, the environment, culture, tradition, and way of life.

We have come to the point where there is no choice but to fight. We have targeted fights, like the fight against Monsanto but it is more than that. It is a fight for life- for the liberation of all dwellers of the earth and future of the planet.

I am indignant and wounded by the course we have taken, ensuing from a system that disregards all beings that inhabit the earth, disdaining anything that doesn’t enhance their power and wealth.

Our food is poison, our water is poison, and our air is poison. Our sisters and brothers throughout the world are tortured and murdered, every last resource exhausted. There is no way to escape it, it was formulated and no accident.

We must continue in the struggle to overturn the fraudulent and the corrupt, not only by smashing the existing state of affairs, ingrained history and way of life we despise, but by constructing liveable alternatives.

For now we live off the waste of this system, learning that every movement we make is an act of rebellion against war mongers and thieves.


I pledge allegiance to the flag of the power-mongers and capitalism, and to the destruction, and blood stained hands, one empire, under drones, with torture and slavery for all.

Drones. Unmanned Ariel Vehicles. Commonly associated as a tool to carry out targeted killings. The association with their use as a weapon of war will soon be transferred to civilian surveillance drones and it is a Pandora’s box of who will be watching who, from the sky. The technology of drones in and of themselves is not the issue. Who will have access to them and how they will be used is where the problems reside.

“By virtue of their design, their size, and how high they can fly, [drones] can operate undetected in urban and rural environments…Drones present a unique threat to privacy.

Citizens of the Empire are far from living in a “free society”. So fearful of losing the power, the fraudulent and corrupt with their blood covered hands will go to any length to ensure that it is not taken from them. They are spying on each and every one of us, keep tabs on whether or not we are following their prescribed way of living and thought, and devising plans about how to keep those who are straying and threatening the survival of the domination and social control in line and out of sight. They contrive stories about how dictatorships around the world are threatening and violating human rights and freedom, claiming that they are the threat to American Freedom and thus must be fought and destroyed in order to ensure peace and abundance in the world. What they are really saying is that they know that if they do not keep fighting then they will risk losing access to resources and world supremacy. The atrocities played out by the United States government and its best friends are the leaders of terror, and have been pulling their country men along in a game of make believe that we must uphold the nobility of the flag and continue to blindly follow along to ensure that our lives do not crumble.

Granted, the world is fucked. I am privileged, not having to worry about bombs dropping on my house any hour of the day and being so fearful that I will not go outside, not having to work as a slave to corporations to provide smart phones and diamond rings to westerners…I could go on, there is plenty that I, from my upbringing to the fact that I am an American do not have to worry about it. The US government has a huge hand in continuing the fucked up situations in the world, from keeping certain governments in place to ensuring that workers continue to be sheeple, and if America were to start falling from the inside it would be interesting to see what would play out world wide, for it is our fault in many ways that the world is the way it is today.

The social and political structure of the United States is an image of a brainwashed nation. Robots programmed to think and act in calculated ways that do not allow the liberation of people, that pit us against each other in constant competition rather then coming together to realize our shared conditions.

They derive part of their social control from surveillance of, rather spying on, citizens. From wire-tapping to internet censorship, security cameras and tracking devices, it is daunting to think about how much is actually being collected and databased about our lives. Some are brainwashed enough to truly believe it is for our own safety and is a necessary to keep this the land of the free. Others have fallen into the equation of distraction, of work consume watch TV and die, basically to be numb and asleep to the realities of life and the world as a whole. This allows the government to continue escalating their efforts and rely on us carrying on with daily life.

Living in a city provides a clear image of the level of surveillance we live under in the United States. Walking down the street, do you ever wonder who is really watching you, or what they are watching? How many video cameras snatch images of you while you walk down the street? There is no such thing as privacy any more.

What will drones add to the mixture?

Surveillance drones are equipped with sophisticated imaging technology that provides the ability to obtain detailed photographs of terrain, people, homes, and even small objects…On some drones, operators can track up to 65 different targets across a distance of 65 square miles. Drones may also carry infra-red cameras, heat sensors, GPS, sensors that detect movement…

The increased use of drones poses an ongoing threat to every person residing within the United States. Companies are developing “paparazzi drones” in order to follow and photograph celebrities. Private detectives are starting to use drones to track their targets.”

In the hands of the Masters these new technologies will only aid in their ongoing wars-on drugs, on terror, on the borders…on life.

In the near future these cameras may include facial recognition technology that would make it possible to remotely identify individuals in parks, schools, and at political gatherings…Drones are designed to undertake constant, persistent surveillance to a degree that former methods of video surveillance were unable to achieve…With special capabilities and enhanced equipment, drones are able to conduct far-more detailed surveillance, obtaining high-resolution picture and video, peering inside high-level windows, and through solid barriers, such as fences, trees, and even walls…The ability to link facial recognition capabilities on drone cameras to the FBI’s Next Generation Identification database or DHS’ IDENT database, two of the largest collections of biometric data in the world, increases the First Amendment risks for would-be political dissidents. “

They will claim that the use of surveillance drones is to aid in our protection and the fight against crime but we know that is far from the truth. They will use it to continue spying on freedom fighters and truth tellers, to patrol the border to stop what they consider illegal humans from crossing into the country, they will use it to follow suspects in the war on drugs.

The reality is that we are all prisoners, to some degree, to them. None of us are free whether we have been kidnapped by their minions and thrown behind bars, or if we have avoided that fate by carrying out the duties they dictate to us.

There is no way to protect ourselves from the use drones like we can, attempt to, from other forms of surveillance. Every second of our lives will be databased and used against us. If there was any doubt that we are living under a dictatorship this should be a clear example of how severe the situation in the United States actually is.

We cannot afford to stay asleep. We cannot afford to not fight. Each and every one of our lives depend on it.

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“Spring is an insurrection. A hammer that cracks the walls of seed pods, a bud that breaks the sheets of ice.”-the Witch’s Child (

May Day 2013 in Seattle was a celebration, a welcoming of Spring. The sun emerged after months of gray clouds, everything was alive.

The day started with an Immigration reform rally and march. Streets teeming with color and persistent sounds of drumming filled the air. Histories and cultures brought into the streets to clearly state that all humans are LEGAL, more importantly there is no thing as an illegal being on this planet and we deserve to be liberated and free. Overall an amazing turn out, people were having fun, and the police kept their distance.

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First thought that came to me was the question of how many of these people would actually actively step into the front lines to fight for this freedom. There is a thrill in being in large, paced, marches. It makes you feel good to be part of a protest, because that’s our RIGHT, isn’t it?

It is important that those types of protests happen and that the support for them is immense and diverse.

I split off and went to lie down under the sun. I was waiting for the rush.

Spirits were high as beautiful beings gathered at Seattle Central Community College Wednesday evening to celebrate May Day with an Anti-Capitalist/Anti-State march. A speak out of why we gathered and the intentions for the night hit, music and dance parties, the crowd was energized and invigorated as the streets were taken and traffic was stopped forcing citizens who wish to stay asleep to listen to the spirited chants of AH ANTI ANTICAPITALISTA! The march weaved through the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, I was confused by the response of the police, they made their presence known but surprisingly they seemed to be letting us be. It was quickly escalated. I remember hearing an older man in the crowd screaming repeatedly “Let the people walk. You pull the trigger and you instigate the riot.”


We are frustrated and angry…rightfully so. Unafraid to express that. Celebration is our battle cry. We express our anger against the daily oppression and demonization, we express our anger to the daily violence against our sisters and brothers, we express our anger against the State, we express our anger against the inherently destructive system of capitalism, we express our anger through our music and dancing, through celebration of love and life and the joy of our souls, our resistance is our existence.

Silly string and clowns.


Refusing to be pushed to the shadows and cracks in the wall. The world needs to stop and see us. We are here and our communities are becoming stronger as we challenge the standard narrative that rules every waking moment and remind the mainstream that there are alternatives.

There are different levels of lived oppression as well as varying levels of radical critique, and being together in the streets provides a sense of power to vocalize the effects of what represses and wounds us, individually and collectively.

At Westlake Mall, the cornerstone of the retail district of downtown, 2 kids were arrested. It is hard to know what leads up to an arrest on marches, but it is impossible to ignore the response of the police because we are all criminals, menaces to society, in their eyes and deserve to be locked up in their cages.

As soon as a gang of bike cops surrounded the kids pinned to the ground, friends and fellow freedom fighters chanted let them go! Someone sat behind the police van and cops, with military precision, devised the plan and screamed orders to the rank and file. “We’re going to move out the van-need more bikes” which equated to lifting their bikes and ramming them into protesters, ordering them to move back. That is when the chaos pursued.

I don’t know how long this part lasted, it felt like hours. As the sun set,  the police got into attack formation with bike cops surrounding rows of riot cops followed by police vans, squad cars, at least one tank.  The march was divided, and they began to succeed in their effort to create confusion and panic.

As they escalated their force, people got riled up.

I used to be shocked by the response of police at our protests but its clear-the only thing the police protect is money.  Soon it became a bit of a cat and mouse chase-cops would pepper spray anyone within reach, start randomly grabbing people to beat up and arrest, wielding their bully sticks, send out flash bang grenades. In response people would continue to hold intersections, and trying to continue gaining ground as newspaper bins and trash cans turned into our only line of defense from the advancing forces.

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Some people had never been around this situation before started to run because it is a triggering and terrifying experience. But that’s how they succeed, when we can stay together and stay calm because we are not falling for their fear tactics that’s how we can continue our resistance. It is in these moments that the ideas of mutual aid and solidarity become extremely important concepts to carry over from the communities we are building as we create an alternative way of moving through life to when we are marching together in the streets.


No matter how hard the try, one thing is for sure-we are stronger then they want to believe. We continued to celebrate the glorious day late into the night with friends, new and old, with music and dancing, laughter and love. They can try to break us but the empire will crumble and we know, though there will be many more battles, that one day they will not be able to beat our existence.

They say Anarchy is chaos, but in reality the State is chaos.

Love and Light,