Inside Radikal Media

Radikal Media is a crowd funded independent news team. Its’ focus is first-response reporting and documentation as events develop, as well as follow up coverage. Radikal Media believes in sharing the whole truth, uncut, as people deserve nothing less. Radikal Media was co-founded by Jak and Lauren, who met in the streets of New York City during the rise of the Occupy movement. In August of 2012 they began to realize the importance and power of independent journalism. Since then they have been documenting events providing uncut coverage in real time and have had their work featured by: The Colbert Report, The Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, Mother Jones, and Treehugger.

As young people, most of us were raised by the corporate influence of TV and the mainstream news. As activists, we had to unlearn most of what we had been taught in order for any justice to stem from our work. This is the devastating consequence from decades of misinformation, deception and resulting confusion; a clouding of our general understanding and an inability, as citizens, to make any informed decisions. As a result, we have all helped shape our world for the worst. Radikal Media vows to do things differently; perhaps even the way the press was originally intended to be.
Radikal Media believes that the mainstream media outlets fall short not just in delivering actual news, fact and vital truths, but in establishing an intimate connection between the audience and the story. Radikal Media works to establish long-lasting relationships with the affected communities its work leads it to in order to help build a network of people united through common truths.

The mainstream media approach is to censor, omit, edit and alter stories. This is the direct result of a hierarchy of bosses and big business who determine what is “reader-worthy”, or good for ratings. This approach has proven to fail the public throughout critical times in history. Having “no boss” allows us to go beyond the red tape. We do not answer to corporations. We are not here to make a profit. We are about educating ourselves and others while delivering the news the way it ought to be- free, available, honest. You decide the rest.


To all of our supporters… we can’t thank enough! You are why we do this!

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