“May Day” 2012-nyc

I remember all of the planning. Months of planning meetings went into every detail from messaging to the puppets to be carried. Occupy was definitely theatrical in its delivery. Although it was hoped that there would be a massive general strike, the idea of every new yorker denying service has been a dream every anarchist has dreamed.

More realistically, organizers pulled off a few pretty eventful moments: The Bryant Park town square, the unveiling of guitarmy, the flooding of union square (for once it lived up to its name), epic marches long into the night( some planned, a few definitely not expected), the sit-in at the Bull and the night wrapped up with a substantial number of standard beatings by the NYPD. It was a day full of scooters and barricades, trying to coral and contain the obvious, the potential of the truth bleeding from our lips to be seep out, uninhibited, to permeate those eager eyes passing by.

In Solidarity Forever,


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